Genesis Framework – The WordPress Theme You Should Be Using

When I started my first WordPress site several years ago, I was bound and determined that free was the best option.  I would not shell out the bucks for anything as long as there was a no-cost solution.  Obviously the necessary things like a domain name and web hosting were paid for but pretty much […]

6 Action Steps to a Successful Online Business in 2013

Will you have a successful online business in 2013?  Time and time again I keep hearing about this exceptionally high failure rate percentage for online marketers.  Usually 95% – 98% depending on who talk to.  I have no idea if this statistic is real or even where it came from but the hopeless feeling of […]

How to Use Google Reader to Quickly Find and Share Content

These days continuously sharing great content with your social media fans and followers is pretty much a requirement to maintain a social online presence.  By sharing good content (other than your own), you build credibility with the people who follow you.  After all, don’t your fans and followers deserve something more than just the occasional […]

How to Find Killer YouTube Tags for Your Videos

I was surfing through YouTube the other day and noticed that YouTube no longer displays a video’s tags near the descriptions like they used to. There is no need to panic.  The tags are not gone, they are just hidden.  The fine people of YouTube are just making us take an extra step to find […]

How to Choose a Domain Name that ROCKS!!!

Okay, so after many painstaking hours of researching keywords and niches, you’ve finally narrowed your search down to a niche that you’re sure will be a real bread-winner.  The next step is to choose a domain name.   This shouldn’t be just any domain name.  This is the first impression most people will see when they visit […]

If Your WordPress Blog Is Like A Box Of Twinkies Then Consider Removing The Post Dates

By default, WordPress puts dates on all blog posts.  This is perfectly fine if you run a news feed or blog about current events such as politics, sports or celebrity gossip.  But what if your blog publishes quality content that stays fresh for months, or even years?  Putting dates on this type of blog makes […]

Forget About Traditional SEO, Social Media Is The Way To Go

What is black and white and read all over?  No, it’s not a newspaper.  I’m referring to Google’s latest updates.  That’s right the panda and penguin updates.  As you may have noticed, these updates have created quite a stir with many webmasters and site owners.  Articles are plastered all over the internet stating how these […]

Supercharged Google Search Tricks To Help You Find Stuff Fast

Although Google is by far the most used search engine in the world, most people do not take full advantage of all the powerful search features that “Big G” offers.  It is very easy to just enter a simple search phrase and hit enter.  While many times this will work just fine, occasionally we need […]

Struggling to Come Up With New Content Ideas? – Check Out the Online Magazine Rack.

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to come up with new blog ideas or you publish articles to article directories, produce videos, etc.  Sooner or later you will run out of content ideas and that nasty old writer’s block will rear its head.  It happens to the best of us. Sometimes it can be […]