How to Choose a Domain Name that ROCKS!!!

Okay, so after many painstaking hours of researching keywords and niches, you’ve finally narrowed your search down to a niche that you’re sure will be a real bread-winner.  The next step is to choose a domain name.   This shouldn’t be just any domain name.  This is the first impression most people will see when they visit […]

If Your WordPress Blog Is Like A Box Of Twinkies Then Consider Removing The Post Dates

By default, WordPress puts dates on all blog posts.  This is perfectly fine if you run a news feed or blog about current events such as politics, sports or celebrity gossip.  But what if your blog publishes quality content that stays fresh for months, or even years?  Putting dates on this type of blog makes […]

Steal the Best Niche Ideas From A Dummy

I know what you’re thinking.  Why would anyone want to steal niche ideas from a dummy?  Well, actually it’s not from “a dummy” is from “dummies”, as in  Just watch the video. As you may already know, “how-to” niches are always smokin’ hot.  This is why the “For Dummies” books are so popular.  So […]